My Background

My name is Frank, a resident of San Francisco, California (United States). I enjoy going to concerts and music festivals for all kinds of acts. I enjoy a wide range of genres, ranging from heavy metal to hip hop to jazz, and everything in between. I am a songwriter, myself, in a casual sense. I play guitar, bass, and drums, and I have been involved in several bands over the years. The photo above shows one of my most prized possessions – my Duesenberg Starplayer TV (Joey mentioned that he used to own one as well!).

My non-music related hobbies include fencing, gaming, and eating out a lot in SF. My regular day job is in finance (formerly a marriage therapist). I enjoy my work now, but my dream as a teenager was to be a rock-star. I remember what it was like just years ago, but unlike GLADES, I obviously didn’t take the same risks or make the same sacrifices. I had only a glimpse of how tough the music business could be and how much effort it requires. For those reasons, my heart goes out to Karina, Cam, and Joey. They’ve been at it for years and are still going strong. From one corner of the world to the other, this whole website represents my proud support for them.