Release date: April 30, 2021


I feel the alarms
Go off in my head
I don’t wanna say something I might regret
It cuts like a knife
The words that you said
Oh the damage is red

Going round and round
Tripping over words
We just can’t decide
Who’s wrong and who’s right
I won’t go to sleep
With you still mad at me
Keep on going until it feels right

‘Cause I don’t want an enemy
So careful what you say to me
We’ve been here before
I don’t want a war
Cause I am not your enemy

This isn’t how it’s meant to be
Cause you know what you mean to me
We’ve been here before
I don’t want a war
Cause I am not your enemy

We went way too far
Can we love again
Emotion is fragile the deeper you get
You’re stuck in your ways
And I’m stuck in mine
A fight that nobody can win

Reflection & Info

Unless I’m missing something, this song is completely devoid of electronic elements. “Enemy” is a rock song, and it hits hard musically and poetically. The lyrics are straightforward, as it explores a normal part of all relationships – a fight. The singer recognizes the pain that is between them, the difficulty with figuring out what to say next, and the risk they take by continuing with the fight harmfully. For romantic partners, this might be the most difficult thing to grasp. As much as each party feels anger, or wants to be the winner, or senses the urge to argue, the truth is (or should be) that the couple needs to attack the problem between them rather than each other.

That is, therapeutically, the best approach for any and all relationships. The chorus itself encapsulates the desire to solve their issues by acknowledging their love for one another as teammates and refraining from further harm to each other. The true Enemy lies in the pattern or cycle of pain, and the solution is to change the way they discuss issues, thus modifying the fighting style itself. Easier said than done, but that is how it should be and what successful couples actually do.

The music really complements that feeling of intensity, especially with words like “War” and “Enemy.” Most notably to me is the 32nd notes on the hi-hat; it sounds like a mini machine gun blasting throughout the track. There was even a time I listened to this song with earphones, and at one point during the chorus, I thought the snare was a sniper gunshot whizzing past my head. That might sound like a stretch to think GLADES actually used this drum pattern in a military-type way, but during the last chorus, you can actually hear a gun-cocking sound effect at 2:29.

Something cool I wanted to point out. If you listen closely on the last stanza, you can hear a subtle guitar swell in the background; high notes being washed with reverb and delay effects – totally spacey, and very fitting for a song from an album called Planetarium.

TL;DR & Related Media

• For couples, neither partner is the enemy during a fight.
• The lyrics have words like “knife,” “war,” “fight,” and “enemy.” The drums sound like artillery, and there is a gun cocking sound effect in the end.
• There are no obvious electronic/synth elements in this song.

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