Eyes Wide Shut

Release date: September 7, 2018


Blindfold, you’d rather shield your eyes than look at me
But look at me, here I am
Blindfold, I keep on stumbling trying to find my feet
Oh yeah

The only place I really wanna be, wanna be
Wanna be, wanna be, wanna be tonight
Oh yeah yeah yeah
It’s the only place I know you’ll never be, never be
Never be, never be, every time

I see you coming with your eyes wide shut
You’re trying my luck but I don’t want it anymore
If you don’t want to see me when my heart erupts
And tears me up I only need you
When you’re not here.
Only wanna be mine for the good times but
Never wanna be mine, never wanna be mine
You never wanna be mine when the bad rolls round
Rolls round, rolls round cause your eyes wide shut

I see you a different way than how I did before
Down in the dust, looking up
Now I see you, now I’m not falling for it anymore

Reflection & Info

The band spent their summer back in the States, this time to record and complete their debut album! And somehow, they found the time to release the long awaited song Eyes Wide Shut (while in transit between Los Angeles and New York, for that matter).

The message is pretty clear, summed up nicely on their Twitter: “This song’s about knowing your worth and what you deserve.” The singer is standing her own ground and taking charge for herself. I imagine a person who has grown strong and has had enough of this toxic and selfish relationship.

The song itself is somewhat of a change from previously released material, maybe? Majority of the song is driven by Karina’s vocals, with some parts barely containing any music. The low end digs pretty deep, especially in the chorus. The song also feels purposefully slower than the rest of the catalog, even though the tempo is actually very close to Falling Away. Overall, many fans of the 2018 concerts absolutely loved this song and could not wait for its release. If I had to guess, I would say the band spent a very long time working on perfecting this track, mostly because they showcased it in their Instagram stories almost all year!

TL;DR & Related Media

• If want to hear mostly Karina’s vocals, you’ll love this song.
• Music contains very deep bass and has a slower feel.
• This is an encouraging song about being strong and knowing you are worth it.

Eyes Wide Shut (Official Music Video)

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