Release date: March 24, 2017


Official lyrics

We fight over nothing but nothing of worth
Got carried away by the tides of our hurt
I tread ever lightly on words that I’d say
So careful
Couldn’t let them go to waste

Can you give me something that I used to know?
I’m missing all that we used to do

Take me back before we burn out
You and I are running weightless
It’s not sensible
We’re making memories in the mayhem
You’re showing me dangerous
Got me dancing fine lines
Way too venturous
Took me to cloud nine

We’re running on fumes, still refusing to see
The signs that relentlessly tell us to leave
I’m holding to everything making us close
So carefully
I can’t let this go to waste

There’s danger by my side
It’s dangerous if I look away
If I look away

Reflection & Info

“Dangerous” was released five months after they dropped their first EP. By this time, their fan base had grown into a worldwide community. It had been almost two years at this point since GLADES began – with hit after hit, a music video, a headline tour, and a bunch of interviews and articles featuring their music. People could not get enough of them; everyone wanted more.

With already a list of hit singles such as “Her,” “Drive,” and “Speechless,” GLADES followed-up with “Dangerous,” and this song absolutely did not disappoint. As a result, they enjoyed another round of New Music Friday, more articles, retweets, shares, etc.

Regarding the song itself, I personally think that the lyrics stand out the most, which is interestingly refreshing. The music is there, but most of it is subtly blended together to create a light platform for the melody, as opposed to their other songs that feature lots of prominent earworms. The chorus also has somewhat of a progressive feel to it. I find my attention is automatically focused on the lyrics and message of the song more than anything else.

I believe the singer is genuinely in love with her partner, but she’s mindfully alert of something close by that might pull them apart. I’m not sure if she has already experienced the result of the danger ahead, or if she is simply unsure of the potential pain. Either way, it sounds like she is ambitious enough to explore with her partner what’s in front of them, despite the risks.

TL;DR & Related Media

• This release marked a milestone of 2 years for the band (March 2015)
• The song talks about being totally in love but all signs pointing to danger or pain
• There is a acoustic/stripped version posted on YouTube

Dangerous mobile lockscreen, designed by Cam
Dangerous (Live Sessions)
Twitter/Instagram live // stripped (pre-release song preview).

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