Neon Buzz

Release date: November 2, 2018


Ride, midnight drive;
Whatever feels right.
Is your mind on me?
‘Cause you’re on mine
When I realize
And baby, I’m fine with your hands on me

Now we sit in the rain
In your old beat-up car
Yeah, I’m leaning on you
And I know what you want

Kiss me while the neon buzz
Ain’t nobody watching us
I’m feeling your electric touch
So kiss me while the neon buzz
Yeah, you light me up

You and me, we’re picking up speed
Passenger seat
And we’re on our way.
Touching on me;
Feel my ripped jeans.
Been picturing this in my mind all day

Reflection & Info

This could be a continuation of 80 Miles, where the couple traveled all the way downtown and ended up under a sign. Neon lights are common amongst many big cities around the world, like New York, which was where GLADES actually did a chunk of their writing/studio work.

The lyrics seem to describe one very intimate kiss in the car…and that’s it. The band spent an entire song to expand on and describe one single moment, and they did it with beautiful poetry. The anticipation, the build-up, the scenery, the expectation. The singer sees and acknowledges nobody else in the world except her lover. The streets may very well be empty anyway, since you can’t hear neon lights buzzing unless it’s quiet.

The music has a groovy, poppy-feel. There guitar riff (full of drive) is constantly running between vocals. Drums and bass are uncharacteristically toned down more than usual, which is different but nice. This song shows us that GLADES refuses to be limited to a predictable formula or be confined within a box. The only thing about this song that is recognizably common with the rest of their catalogue is Karina’s signature voice.

TL;DR & Related Media

• The lyrics focus on a kiss.

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