Not About You

Release date: May 25, 2018


We could have something real nice
But you’re lost in your own vibe
Never far away from your phone
Calling back ain’t that hard you know.

Oh you’re making me think twice
Everyone’s got their own vice
But you’re so damn full of yourself
Not gonna be a book on your shelf

Wow you really don’t know how to quit
Can you tell that you’re a little (shhh)

Why’s it always gotta go your way?
Always the kind to play dirty
Even when you’re praying on Sunday
You always find a way to make it’bout you
It’s not about you.

And lately
Why you been acting so shady?
Even when you’re praying on Sunday
You always find a way to make it ’bout you
It’s not about you, no.

You always find a way to make it ’bout you
It’s not about you

Oh you used to be on my side
Then you let it get to your mind
Now you brag ’bout your house in the hills.
Shame your personality kills.

Reflection & Info

First single released in 2018, and it does not disappoint!

The music itself has a very upbeat, poppy feel to it, almost like a positive, fun dance song…which is crazy because the subject matter is the exact opposite sentiment. I can picture this from two different points of view. One is where the singer is angrily confronting someone who is conceited, questioning why they act this way in hopes that the person will self-reflect, see their bad behavior, and change. The other perspective is where the singer is very upset, but only complaining to herself or other friends because the person is a narcissist (will not change – see

Each GLADES track maintains the band’s signature sound but always emphasizes something special. For me, the catchiest part of this song is Cam’s guitar tone and licks. If you’ve followed his Instagram stories, you will definitely recognize most of this music; he previewed his new effects pedals and guitar licks via this song weeks before its release! I am personally glad that his guitar is at the forefront of most of this song.

TL;DR & Related Media

• Very pop-like sound.
• Very angry subject matter.
• This song showcases Cam’s guitar tone more than any other song to date.

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