Summer Air

Release date: October 21, 2016

This Is What It's Like


I can’t stand up from my bed
Or the thought of you
Sink the sand between my hand
Cause you, ’cause you

Locked away all your reasons why
You left me high and dry
Trampled on every single day
Had nothing else to say

Though my heart aches, I’m living for the summer air
I can move on with you off my mind
My heart aches but I’m living for the summer air
I can move on with you off my mind

It felt like I was stuck
Your scent on me has stayed
But this time I’ll break away
From you, from you

Reflection & Info

This is the only GLADES song that I ever heard so far out in the real world. It was played in a San Francisco venue while I was waiting for a Hillsong Young & Free concert (of course).

The message of “Summer Air” is that there is always something good ahead – something to look forward to. The presence of pain and heartache does not have to take away the joy that is coming. Life is inevitably full of these conflicting experiences.

The singer reflects on her suffering and loneliness while making it a point to move forward in the chorus. From a therapeutic perspective, this is actually very healthy – to acknowledge and recognize one’s own heartache during healing. Rather than simply ignoring everything and trying to forget the past, she instead processes her wounds while identifying her own strength to go on. She is not bound by her afflictions.

An interesting feature about this GLADES song is that it has no vocals during the instrumental bridge – just a repeated, mini guitar solo. Perhaps the lyrics suffice as they are, and not much more needs to be said.

When I listen to the overall mood of the song, it feels like the melody in the verse is mostly sung under a minor key, coinciding with the negative subject matter, while the chorus has a more uplifting feel and sends a positive message, especially with all the instruments suddenly rushing in (as if to take the singer away to something new). Despite these two extremely different melodies, both sections are based on the same chord progression (Eb, Gm, Dm, F).

I can’t fathom how the band composed this song, but that is incredible writing.

TL;DR & Related Media

• This song encourages listeners to look forward to the good that is coming
• There are no vocals during the bridge
• As of 2017, this is one of two GLADES songs without its own cover artwork

Summer Air (EP Reflections #4)

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