Too Far Gone

Release date: April 30, 2021


Are we on tonight
Am I going crazy, am I falling right
I’m picking up the pieces from the other night
You’ve left me in the dark and didn’t tell me why
Tell me are we too far gone tonight
Sending all these texts and getting no reply
How am I supposed to know if you still wanna try
I don’t want to be a girl who wastes her time
So tell me are we too far gone

Monday you came over too late
Said you loved me straight to my face
Kissed me, missed me said you need space
Got me thinking are we too far gone

Usually these fights they don’t last
We got good at fixing our past
But this time we did things we couldn’t take back
Can we say that’s already too far gone

Are you scared for us to be good
I’m just scared we’re knocking on wood
Guess I never knew where we stood
Still not saying if we’re too far gone

Typing out my feelings so that you know where my head’s at
Hoping you appreciate that you’re still where my heart’s at
All I’m saying is just hit me back, hit me back

Reflection & Info

This is probably the chillest sounding song from GLADES so far. When I put it on repeat while multitasking, it cycles over and over with me barely noticing when the track ends or begins again. There are a bunch of unique things about this one that really stand out to me. The bass doesn’t really run at all and is just there to maintain the low end (long, sustained, single notes). The vocals lead into the song and also lead the song out (instead of starting and ending with music). The melody doesn’t contain any high notes (where Karina would need to belt it); the vocals are also present throughout the song with barely any break, even during the guitar solos. The drums have a lighter, hip-hop feel to it. Overall, I would probably categorize this song under “easy listening.”

Could Too Far Gone be a continuation of Enemy? Maybe the couple’s fight actually went way “too far” (those are literally the words in the second verse of Enemy), and the extended time apart wasn’t enough to heal the bad feelings. Regardless, it is very painful to be the one believing that the relationship should be better based on the past, but not knowing where the other person is at and whether reconciliation is close. That seems like the worst situation to be in, where the singer thought everything was always going to be fine, but somehow a special incident or event caused her to question everything. At least she is typing out her feelings so that she can jot down her thoughts rather than spew everything out and overwhelm the circumstances even more.

Somehow, it doesn’t feel like the chillest song after all.

TL;DR & Related Media

• An “easy listening” song, musically
• Lyrics, however, are about questioning reconciliation
• Could be connected to Enemy

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