Release date: November 2, 2018


Overthinking all along
Laying in these bedsheets stone cold
Trying to figure out where we went wrong
Where we went wrong

I wonder does she hurt you
Like the way I hurt you?
I keep finding me so lost
Maybe I misjudged you
Too late now, I love you
I can’t take it back, no, no

All I do is wonder why, oh what a waste
‘Cause every night I waited up to see your face
But pictures fade and every light just ricochets
And chips away like porcelain, porcelain
And you know it, babe
I let the pieces of me go astray
Fractured to find my way
I wish I wasn’t so easy to break
I’m porcelain, porcelain
Why you do it, babe?

Tiptoe on this broken glass
Heated conversations turn bad
Every time you mend, it doesn’t last
It doesn’t last

Reflection & Info

Many years ago, I was helping a friend with some bathroom repairs. I removed the toilet tank cover and leaned it against the wall. Then I watched as it slid ever so slowly down the wall and across the floor before landing flat on its back onto the tiles. Despite the seemingly light impact, the toilet tank cover broke in half. That’s when I learned how fragile porcelain could be.

Such a perfect analogy to describe how delicate and fracturable love is. I picture the singer in her most vulnerable state, feeling like she’s walking on eggshells and worried about where her partner is in the relationship. Confusion, pain, restlessness, anxiety. How many times can a person be broken and be put back together before the damage becomes unrepairable?

Regarding the music composition, old GLADES fans like myself might find this song out of place with respect to the rest of the album (besides maybe Drive). That is because Porcelain was a relatively older song and closer to the “This Is What It’s Like” era, even played live during some of their shows during late 2017. More emphasis on the electronic elements and very subtle guitar parts throughout, except during the second verse and chorus. Out of everything, though, I think what makes the song are the drums; as they build up to and then completely fill the chorus, the music feels complete and full.

TL;DR & Related Media

• Porcelain is very fragile, and so is love.

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