Better Love

Release date: November 2, 2018


Here’s something no one else knows
I used to hold every word so close
Felt like I couldn’t speak up
But now I found someone I can trust

Nobody’s ever pulled me close like this before
So honest that it scares me
You make it seem alright to be this vulnerable
Wouldn’t trade it away
‘Cause that’d be my worst mistake

You see me in this fragile place ’cause you’re my weakness
I’m thinking about our endless days of love so reckless
It’s safe to say I couldn’t know better
Couldn’t know better love
It’s safe to say I couldn’t know better love

Even when I’m in bright lights
You’re still the only one on my mind
You are my center stage
Just know I won’t let this slip away ’cause

Reflection & Info

The song fades in slowly with a mix of mildly light sound effects, including strings, synth, and subtle vocals. Every time I hear this part, I think of a sunrise to a new, bright day, full of encouragement and peace.

As impressive as the band has been with writing powerful heartbreak songs, GLADES was able to achieve the polar opposite with one of the most heartfelt love poems ever written. The lyrics sound very colloquial, yet these lines are not often spoken between partners because of how difficult it is to come up with these words, let alone actually vocalizing these thoughts to another person. GLADES is able to grasp these strong feelings of commitment and security with a lover and put them into words for us.

The placement of the song towards the end of the To Love You album also seems strategic. After all the tracks full of energy, dancing, crazy sound effects, aggressive topics, strong vocals, and other big punches, the album takes a turn towards a focus on adoration with Drive first, before finally calming down with Better Love. That reflects how life can be typically, where a person would go through so many life stages and changes, full of excitement, chaos, passion, and discovery, until that person finds their one true love and settles down. Despite all their experience, the couple knows that they cannot predict the upcoming “endless days of love,” which may seem “reckless,” but they know that they have found the best love possible for themselves with the convergence of their lives together. This feeling of comfort and piece is emphasized during Karina’s signature “ooo” part in the bridge of the song. The rest of their lives is yet to be written, and although it may seem scary, they have each other to depend on, and that is all the security they need.

That is what I picture as the song inches towards its conclusion. Cam’s guitar solo pops in at the end, signifying the couple embarking on their new journey together. This is when I imagine the sunrise to include two lovers holding hands and walking towards the horizon. I’m sure others have viewed it this way as well; some couples have even used “Better Love” as their song choice to walk down the aisle.

TL;DR & Related Media

• This is a deep love song.
• The music is really mellow and slowly builds up to a conclusive guitar solo.
• Better Love has been used during wedding ceremonies.

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